Finally An Online Course Where You Can Up Your Hunting Game!

The Successful Hunters Course is a step-by-step course to help you plan, prepare and hunt successfully! It is the only online road map to help you navigate your hunting journey. We are here to help lead you through each step and cover each piece of the hunting process from start to finish making you a successful and knowledgeable hunter!


By the end of this course you will be able to hunt and shoot with confidence all on your own! Plus, if your like me you love meeting new friends -- and trust me, you will have new ones for a lifetime with this group!


Upon enrolling, get instant access to the entire course content -- no waiting games here, ‘cause I like Netflix binges too much. Pour a glass of wine and print out your workbook to start learning tips and strategies I’ve taught all over the country


As you start putting your learning to use, hop in our private community to meet some awesome hunters (no judgement) and make sure all of your questions are getting answered: nothing like an extra pair of eyes or few … and yes, mine will be there to help you!

You'll Also Get:

Monthly Guest Experts

Not only will I be showing up LIVE in our Facebook group, but I will also be bringing in multiple well known experts within the outdoor industry to help take you to that next level of confidence! 

Free 1:1 Coaching

30 Minute Coaching Session with me! Let's tackle your biggest struggles here!

Lifetime Membership To Our Facebook Group

Just when you thought the course was too short and you wanted more - I am giving you a lifetime membership to my exclusive facebook group where you can continue to grow, interact and learn from other experts within the outdoors and so much more!

Lifetime Access To The Course

Once you purchase the course, it's yours for life! No hidden fees or added costs for this course. And as I continually add new content you will have access to that at no added cost as well!

What TSH Alumni Have To Say:

"The successful hunters course allowed me the freedom to go hunting on my own, and allowed me to fill my very first big game tag with confidence. I am so grateful to Sereena for all of her instruction and support this year. I never would have had the opportunity To fill my tag this year had I not taken the course, so I will be forever thankful."

Karlie C.
TSH Student

"I am so excited about The Successful Hunters Course! Sereena has done a great job, as I work through it, it's like going through a good book. I don't want to stop till I get to the end. I also love that this course will never end as she continues to add in new content all of the time!"

Brooke S.
TSH Student/Affiliate

"I was a part of the beta test group for this course and can I just say wow! This course had everything I needed from preparing to hunt, finding places to hunt and what to do after a harvest!"

TSH Student

"I can't believe how much information I received for the minimal price point. And the fact that we get all the added content in the future for free is amazing!"

TSH Student


As a NRA Rifle and USA Archery Instructor Sereena has taught hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts who have gone on to succeed in hunting and shooting. She is also an accomplished hunter who has many successful solo hunts under her belt. Aside from loving the outdoors, Sereena also enjoys tending to her hobby farm and orphan goat Hank. Sereena created this course because she is extremely passionate about helping others get into the outdoors, she is jumping out of the blind to show you exactly how she's succeed as a hunter and how you can too.


Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: This course is a lifetime course! What does that mean for you? It means I want you to have access to this information forever! That's right FOREVER!

Q: I am a new hunter, will this work for me?

A: Of course! This course is designed for new hunters as well as more experienced hunters that are looking to enhance their skills!

Q: Why do I need a hunting course when I could just google everything?

A: This is a totally valid question my friend, but let me ask you this: will you do it? Do you have time to search through mindless pages that don't give you the knowledge you want to succeed until you finally find the one? Not only will this course save you time from googling answers but it will be like I am virtually walking you through each piece of the process.



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